Kentucky’s abortion network well-organized against pro-life efforts

As a part of the ongoing Friends of Life KY Initiative has taken on by the Kentucky Baptist Convention in November 2020, pastors are uncovering how well-funded and well-connected proponents of abortion care in the Bluegrass State.

“I’ve never given much thought about state and local pro-abortion organizations and how well connected they are to national abortion organizations,” said Harold Best, senior pastor of Burlington Baptist Church and chairman of the KBC’s Committee on Public Affairs. “We tend to think about some of the grassroots efforts of the pro-life movement without realizing the organization and machinery of the pro-abortion movement both locally and nationally.”

“Planned Parenthood gets the lion’s share of the publicity, which allows these local organizations to operate with a degree of anonymity,” said Jim Ewing, pastor of First Baptist Calvert City and chairman of the Friends of Life KY Advisory Council. “This is an important observation because it can, and probably does, contribute to a lack of attention and awareness of abortion issues in many areas of Kentucky.”

Pro-abortion clinic escorts usher women into the EMW Women’s Surgical Center in downtown Louisville, one of two active abortion care providers in Kentucky. According to their blog, Louisville Clinic Escorts, the group also runs counter-fundraisers to offset the money raised by pro-life sidewalk counseling ministry Sisters for Life, which seeks to support pregnant women and save their babies.

Meanwhile, A Fund, Inc. and the Kentucky Reproductive Freedom Fundraise money for elective abortions through the Community Foundation of Louisville. Other organizations, such as ACLU Kentucky, delve into political activism and policy reform in Kentucky—and many receive residual funding through Amazon Smile and Kroger Community Rewards, a search of both charitable donation programs revealed.

“Given the work, organization, and financial support of the abortion industry against the unborn, we must renew our efforts to work for, speak for and support the lives of the unborn,” Best said. “If the pro-abortion movement can organize and fund the work to end the lives of the unborn, we should be all the more motivated to pray, organize, give and work to protect the unborn.”

However, Best and Ewing noted how the concentration of these causes in Lexington and Louisville removes the issue from the everyday lives of Kentuckians.

“Since these organizations aren’t operating in most areas around Kentucky, we need to continue with the initiatives we’re already pursuing with Friends of Life KY,” Ewing said.

Efforts include creating resources to equip local churches for pro-life ministry and conversations, facilitating more effective partnerships between churches and local pregnancy centers, and building awareness and support for HB 91, a proposed constitutional amendment that would clarify there is no right to abortion in the state.

Ewing added that the tools and tactics of pro-abortion organizations can be leveraged by pro-life Kentuckians, including the “use of social and print media to promote and advertise pro-life positions, the creation of local organizations that provide information and support and more deliberate efforts in the local church to make it a point of regular emphasis.”

Both Best and Ewing believe that information is key—and that Kentucky Baptists and pro-life Kentuckians should stay informed on the issue of abortion.

“As the information is provided and shared via social media, hopefully, eyes will be opened to the forces working against the unborn,” Best said.

“And we must recognize that this is fundamentally a spiritual issue that cannot be solved by human efforts alone,” Ewing added. “If we’ll stand firm behind the sanctity of human life, we can be assured that God will stand with us.”

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